Anne Githuku-Shongwe

Githuku-Shongwe idea was sparked by conversations with her own children. When her daughter was doing a school project on her role model and couldn’t decide between Hannah Montana and Beyonce, and her son chose Bill Gates as the subject for a project on a global business leader, Githuku-Shongwe began to worry that her children weren’t being exposed to any positive African media content. “I was concerned that their ideas and aspirations for Africa would be coloured by the Western media’s pervasively negative messages about the continent, and I wanted to do something to change that,” she explains. But it was only when her son excitedly started relating things he’d learned while playing the computer game, Civilisations, that the penny dropped. “That’s it! I thought. Kids who play computer games are a captive audience for anything you want to teach them. I knew there had to be a way to harness computer games to deliver positive messages to African children,” she relates.

Githuku-Shongwe has been an award-winning social entrepreneur and founder of Afroes, a Digital & Gamification Learning enterprise and a thought leader on the Future of Learning. Githuku-Shongwe and Afroes received multiple awards including the prestigious Schwab Foundation/World Economic Forum Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 Award and a National Award – the Order of the Grand Warrior from the President of Kenya. Other awards include the PeaceAPP award of the UN, MEFFYs Award, London, UK and Netexplo Award, Paris – to name a few. Githuku-Shongwe is a Board Member and Grand Juror of the World Summit Awards for the UN Information Society, a Board Member of CHESTRAD International and I WILL GIVE – a new innovative domestic financing vehicle for African development.