Annu Augustine

Annu is an Electronics and Communication engineer and a certified Pragmatic Marketing (PMC) professional. She was born in Tanzania and spent a significant part of her childhood in various African countries. She then went on to pursue her higher studies in India.

Annu has above 20 years experience in the tech sector; she started her career as a software developer. She later transitioned to technology product management and worked for a number of companies ranging from innovative startups to established corporates.

In February 2016, she decided to follow her passion and founded NedRock –, a product management training and consulting company. She is passionate about helping corporates, accelerators and entrepreneurs creating products that are feasible, valuable and usable. She trains and consults on Lean Startup, Customer Development and Agile methodologies. She also advises tech startups on growth strategies and lean analytics. When time allows, she runs public workshops and speaks at conferences. She founded and co-organizes the local Product meetup events in Cape Town. Annu is the mother of two wonderful girls and wife to a very supportive husband. She strives hard to maintain a good work life balance despite the pressures of running a business.