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Apiwe Hotele

Aphiwe Hotele is an inspiring woman who holds a BSc in Computer Science and Biochemistry cum laude from the University of Fort Hare, MSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Cape Town and has been working for SARAO since 2015 - where she designed and implemented a novel multi-sensory monitoring system for monitoring an environmentally ruggedized container for the telescope’s oil-immersed and liquid-cooled grid supercomputer for the Science Data Processor team, a subsystem of the MeerKAT telescope as part of my MSc thesis (https://www.biznews.com/good-hope-project/2017/09/22/aphiwe-hotele-ska-computer-servers-liquid-oil). She is an executive member for the International Council of Systems Engineers South Africa (INCOSE SA) taking up the role of the Western Cape branch coordinator.

Aphiwe is passionate about making social change. She initiated #breakingthestereotype - an annual event focused on motivating young female engineers studying at the institution. #breakingthestereotype aims to create a platform where female engineers at UCT are able to interact with others in the industry through a panel discussion and the IMBASA program, which is now a registered NPC in which she is a co-director, that aims to motivate and provide academic and financial support to students from previously disadvantaged communities.

She is a founder of Luminous, a technology company that focuses on providing products and services in EduTech to strengthen the education system in SA and promote entrepreneurship in STEM. The first product is Enlighten, an interactive and time convenient knowledge transfer platform that connects learners with skilled professionals to improve maths and science competency in rural high school learners.