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Ashleigh Killa

Ashleigh Killa is an architect from Cape Town. Shortly after graduating with her Master’s in Architecture in 2016, she co- founded her own studio and non-profit organisation, theMAAK. theMAAK has a strong focus on public projects, and the people whom these spaces effect are their primary motivation. They prioritise rigorous community engagement, and skills development through collective making of buildings. theMAAK has completed several projects, with varying scale and have received international acclaim for their work.

Ashleigh is interested in the spatial elements and materials that are often overlooked, as drivers of architectural surprise. One way this interest is facilitated is through theMAAK’s annual design-make workshop, Follies in the Veld, which explores alternative (unexpected) materials for building public pavilions.

Ashleigh has a keen eye for ‘informal’ processes, systems and outcomes. She is always playing and experimenting in her personal capacity with these themes. On a larger scale, this interest helps her to view the city through a particular lens, which often reveals unique and temporary adaptations of use to the city.