Audrey Verhaeghe

Dr Verhaeghe is Chairperson of Research Institute for Innovation and Sustainability (RIIS), Chairman of The SA Innovation Summit (SAIS) and championed the SA Innovation Network (Saine). She spearheaded the commercialisation of the SA Innovation Summit as a Southern African Institution and main innovation event for the country. SAIS runs Inventors Garage and Pitching Den Competitions, establish Tech Tribes through Hackathons, develop Female tech entrepreneurs, and leads conversations about Angel Investing. RIIS was born out of a passion for the successful implementation of innovation. Dr Verhaeghe championed Open innovation and established three open innovation platforms on the continent as Great minds think outside. 

Innovation, Tech Entrepreneurship and Business Sustainability are Audrey’s primary focus areas in business. She has been an adjudicator at various innovation competitions. Innovation projects include Strategy, audits, surveys, consulting, implementations, research and training. 

Dr Verhaeghe has published a number of articles and conference papers on innovation as a business process and mentored numerous student research studies in the same area.

Dr Verhaeghe completed an MBA Appraising Innovation in Technology-based Research Organizations at the University of Pretoria and a PhD entitles “A sustainability index for Technology-driven organizations in South Africa” at the Da Vinci Institute.