Boitumelo Menyatswe

Boitumelo is the Founder and CEO of MINDERZ, an online platform that makes it easy for pet parents & urban professionals to find trusted house & pet sitters for their fur-kids in SA. Having started her career in the international aviation industry and later moving to e-commerce, she always strives to challenge the status quo, work smarter and dream bigger every day. The dreams and goals she has for herself and the communities she exists in, may drive her, but as an Intrapreneurship graduate from the University of Johannesburg and Google Developers Launchpad Alumni, Boitumelo knows and understands that having goals clearly defined always goes a long way but that has to be backed by one’s nuts-and-bolts expertise and continuous learning & improvement. As Virginia Rometty once said, growth and comfort do not coexist.  

Her passion for entrepreneurship and development constantly fuels her belief that, with a pinch of innovation and a touch of technology socially driven innovations will provide new opportunities for positive and sustainable change in Africa. She is part of a generation of young women who will dismantle the barriers that keep women & minorities from entering business, computing and tech fields.  As a young woman in technology and entrepreneurship, she believes that success is the ability to inspire people and bring them into a community that moves, shares, connects and imagines together. “Success is simply seeing faces light up with glee during an adventure that I have designed” she sais.