Dr. Mmaki Jantjies

Dr. Mmaki Jantjies is currently the Head of the Information Systems academic department at the University of the Western Cape. Amongst other roles, she has also previously served as a Head of Department at the North West University (being one of the youngest academics to have headed that department). Dr. Mmaki Jantjies became one of the first black and youngest female PHD in computer graduates and has continued to contribute to this field developing technology which addresses the South African context challenges. 

She researches in the area of ICT4Development and develops mobile software for education in STEM subjects for schools. The content of the applications is also view-able in English and other South African languages to enable language access as well as platform access on mobile phones. Dr. Jantjies also researches about the role that technology can play in enhancing the business and health sector in South Africa. She recently formed part of the panel discussion with Chancellor Angela Merkel on women in digitization, amplifying these issues at the recent W20 conference which looked at issues which affected women in the G20. Dr Jantjies also lectures on courses such as IT security, Project management for Information Systems and Mobile Applications Development. In 2016 she was runner up in 3 categories of the first women in ICT awards by MTN South Africa in leadership recognition, community builder and outstanding women. She was also listed as the Mozilla top 50 people in the world making the internet a better place in 2016. 

Dr. Jantjies has a passion for youth education and works with various national and international NGO’s to upskill teachers in high schools with ICT skills, to use in classrooms. She also mentors graduate students to open and run technology clubs in underprivileged schools in South Africa with most of the clubs focusing on training young women and girls.