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Dr Noluxolo Ngcasa

Dr Noluxolo Gcaza is a young, black, female academic. She is a researcher at heart and has been long captured by cyber security study area. In her research efforts, she strives to make cyber security accessible to different contexts. Her research interests include but not limited to cyber security governance, cyber security awareness and education as well as cyber security culture. Dr Gcaza’s publication record attest to her ability to conduct research that produces novel outcomes. Dr Gcaza is an invited international speaker and contributes in discussion panels on topics related to her fields of interest. She has been invited by the French embassy and US embassy as a subject matter specialist to engage in matters of national cyber security importance. Over and above Dr Gcaza has presented in local and international academic conferences focusing on areas that are more inclined to the human factors within the cyber security domain.

Apart from her career prospects Dr Gcaza has a heart for grooming other young individuals, she is a role model and mentor to other young women. To that end, she is a member of ICT on heels, an NPO that is focused on grooming females in the Information and Communications Technology environment. Dr Gcaza recently joined Tshwane University of Technology as a Lecturer and Researcher hoping to inspire students from underprivileged background to dream beyond their circumstances. She serves on the Advisory Board of the Center for Research in Information and Cyber Security (CRICS) at Nelson Mandela University. Dr Gcaza also serves as Board Member in SaveTnet, a non-profit organisation that focuses on fostering a culture of cyber security in a community setting through spreading cyber security awareness. She contributes in the SABS standardisation process as committee member of the Information Security Technical Committee.