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Dr Zikhona Tywabi - Ngeva

Zikhona Tywabi-Ngeva (PhD) was born in Macibini Village, outside Ilinge Township, Queenstown, Eastern Cape. S. She then graduated from Durban University of Technology (DUT) with an ND in Analytical Chemistry and BTech in Chemistry and then in 2012 graduated CumLaude in MTech: Chemistry

After obtaining her MTech degree, Zikhona worked as a research scientist at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in Pretoria under Biosciences unit since April 2012 and later that same year joined the CSIR in UKZN Howard College, Natural Resources and Environment unit in Durban where she also decided to enrol for her PhD degree. She also spent a couple of months at the University of Alabama in the United States of America, where she performed her research experimental work for her PhD studies, under the supervision of Dr Robin Rogers, an international recognized a pioneer in the field of cellulose and ionic liquid research field. She completed her PhD degree in a record time of 3-years and has published her research work on high impact factor scientific journals and she has presented her work at international & national conferences. She has successfully supervised and graduated many postgraduate students.

Currently, Zikhona is the youngest and only South African Female Physical Chemistry Lecturer and Researcher at the University of Fort Hare, Chemistry Department, Alice. She has worked at various Universities as a lecturer and researcher, including Durban University of Technology, University of Zululand, University of KwaZulu Natal.

Dr Tywabi-Ngeva lists the following as her best achievements: Masters cum laude, Mail and Guardian 200 Young South African 2017 and KZN Gagasi FM Shero Award 2017 (both in the category of Science and Technology), and also being nominated for 2015 PhD Fellowship in Women in Science.