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Fadzayi Chiwandire

Born in Zimbabwe, Fadzayi is the illegitimate love-child of binary and creativity. She started off as a Graphic Designer when she was 19, then developed an interest in code and has been writing code for more than a decade.

At OnePointFour, Fadzayi has developed websites and mobile apps used by many across the country. She founded the DIV:A Initiative where she teaches young girls how to code after she identified the need to protect their futures and address the industry’s gender imbalance. Her aim is to give young girls truly useful and relevant skills to fall back on in the event that they’re not able to receive a tertiary-level education. The initiative aims to ensure that women are better represented in the development industry by empowering our girls to go out and correct the gender imbalance themselves.

“As women, we need to make sure that software solutions that are meant for us, reflect women’s ideas and interest, considering the fact that software is fast becoming global and pervasive.” – Fadzayi Chiwandire Moyo

Fadzayi enjoys teaching young girls how to solve problems through code, speaking about the importance of digital literacy and empowering women in tech by giving them platforms to lead in solving problems that affect women.

She organises DIVATHONS (hackathons) and GirlCode events in South Africa and Zimbabwe. These events connect designers and developers in Africa with their peers around the world.

“To raise the quality of life in our communities, we need to support the growth and empowerment of wo men and girls. This is because when we allow women to lead, they do not only lead and fight for their own gr owth, but they fight for their children and for their communities. They give voice to issues that are important for everyone’s collective future.” – Fadzayi Chiwandire Moyo