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Farhana Parker

Farhana Parker’s qualifications paint a picture of her passion and commitment towards the development of her fellow citizens. Parker is a Bertha scholar and Masters candidate in inclusive innovation at UCT Graduate School of Business where her research explores innovative pathways to prevent and scale the wicked problem of domestic violence in women, technology playing a significant role. She further holds a social work degree and three postgraduates in psychology, social policy and management from UCT and social innovation from the Amani Institute in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

These qualifications have been pivotal in laying the foundation for her to actively tackle issues of inequality and social justice. Parker founded The Social Makeover in 2016, a social enterprise with a special focus on the rights, protection, and advancement of women and girls aligned with the UN Sustainable Development goal 5. Her passion for women’s issues and their empowerment has compelled her to make a difference, as she strongly believes in the important role women play in empowering communities. Leading The Social Makeover and the World Economic Forums Global Shaper Cape Town Hub has been instrumental in fostering an environment where she can effectively pursue and commit to a career of meaning and valuable social impact, serving and affirming the humanity of as many people as she can.
Parker’s work within South Africa’s civil society has seen her serving the most vulnerable communities as a social worker, and working as an executive support officer and special projects manager to the minister of social development, leading key projects (such as Youth Cafés) in the Western Cape. These valuable contributions to civil society are what drive her to continue her efforts towards the betterment of the communities she serves. She was selected as one of the 2018 Mail and Guardian 200 young South Africans.