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Leehandi de Witt

Having worked in the Space industry for the better part of 6 years, Leehandi is currently employed by the satellite component manufacturer, NewSpace Systems, as Sales and Marketing Manager and Export Compliance Officer. However, having graduated Cum Laude in the field of International Relations, Leehandi continues to utilise her policy background through her positions as ad hoc Policy Advisor and UNCOPUOS representative to the African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment and has in the past provided policy inputs to organisations such as the SCS Aerospace Group, the South African National Space Systems Enterprise Initiative and indirectly, to the AFRIGEOSS papers, amendments to the South African Space Affairs Act and the African Space Policy, which was adopted in 2016 by the African Union. In addition to this, Leehandi has also remained actively involved in outreach initiatives and currently holds the position of South African National Point of Contact for the United Nations mandated Space Generation Advisory Council which focuses on nurturing the future generation of space professionals. Through her developmental background and various industry and policy roles, Leehandi seeks to support nascent space faring nations through advocating for the creation of a sustainable space ecosystem which ensures that space technologies and their applications are utilised to assist local communities in tackling the pervasive challenges being faced at home and elsewhere.