Anujah Bosman

Anujah Bosman, embodies the concept of brave, ethical, visionary leadership. She has successfully crafted a human centred organisation that software developers dream of working for.

Anujah steered Chillisoft, a KwaZulu Natal based software development house into a force to be reckoned with, where today, Chillisoft produces innovative software products & solutions, and software development training for a growing national and international client base. The fruits of her and her teams’ efforts are clearly visible, where stepping into Chillisoft’s offices is akin to stepping into a design company. The passion, camaraderie, focus and belief in their work is tangible and is lived by her and her team.

Anujah qualified as an Engineer at t University of Witwatersrand and started her entrepreneurship career at 24. She successfully grew her company Core Business Solutions, managed to take a sabbatical at 32 and redefined her career such that it was imbued with meaning and purpose by the age of 35.

Anujah joined Chillisoft in 2010 as the CEO and has grown the company from 12 to 40 individuals and has created the Chillisoft brand that is associated with technical excellence, great culture and strong ethics. Anujah has completed her Executive MBA, passing with distinction from UCT Graduate School of Business. Amongst the list of her accolades is being a recent finalist in the 2016/2017 NSTF-WRC Awards for Sustainable water management, knowledge generation and solutions and Research for Innovation by an individual. Anujah is also one of four winners of Microsoft South Africa’s BBBEE programme in 2011. Anujah continues to participate in software development community and was the elected chairperson of the KZN ICTE cluster in 2009/2010. Her interests are in systems thinking and cybernetics and strongly believes in ensuring that South creates.