Nomso Faith Kana

Nomso Kana is a nuclear scientist by trade and a founder of several startups. She undertook a specialized training to be a Medical biology scientist at the National health laboratory services ascribed by Health Profession Council of SA and practised as a Medical biology scientist in the same institute. Subsequent to the medical sciences involvement, Kana has worked as a nuclear scientist under the radioisotopes department in a leading role for the South African nuclear corporation Necsa. 

Kana is currently a managing director and founder of two companies, namely Sun n Shield 84 Technologies a fibre optic cable manufacturing start-up and Blaze Away SA, a business strategy consulting firm. She is a South African Delegation leader for the World sustainability energy forum based in Vienna Austria, contributing towards sustainable solutions in mobility, energy, environment, waste management and community for cities around the globe. A mentor for the Emzingo fellowship programme, a programme that targets MBA scholars from top business schools across North America and Europe who annually visit South Africa to do management consulting. In addition, she is a non-executive director at Pikitup a waste management entity owned by the City of Johannesburg. Nomso is also a volunteering member of the Economic chamber working group at the department of telecoms and postal services (DTPS). 

Apart from her professional work, she was elected as one of the top 80 emerging leaders in science and technology in Africa and the Middle East and participated in TechWomen in 2013, an exchange program for women in STEM fields. She drives UN Women endorsed programs that empower women and the girl child in the SADC. She is serving as a Programme director for Taungana Africa NPO.