Pam Mkhize

Pam Mkhize is currently Head of Sub-Saharan Africa Digital Satellite at the multinational energy utility, Enel. Previously, she led the growth, operations, and strategy of the organization’s ICT department in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia for the renewable energy subsidiary of Enel, Enel Green Power, since 2016. Having been the first local employee of Enel in Africa in 2014, she has implemented the ICT infrastructure and led the ICT strategy for two of Enel’s South African companies – Enel Green Power South Africa and Enel Energy South Africa. She is currently responsible for the organization’s ICT department within Africa, with Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Morocco being amongst the countries under her leadership.

While currently completing her MSc in Information Systems Management through the University of Liverpool, she has developed an interest in various topics, including Neuromorphic Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual and Augmented Reality. She is currently undertaking research on CyberSecurity related topics in the Energy industry. She continues lead in the ICT sector while being passionate about people development, and considers herself one of the people who have an obligation to change the mind-sets of young global professionals within the scope of ICT and beyond.

Pam started her engineering career at Hulamin, one of Africa’s largest aluminium processing companies, after completing her studies in Electrical Engineering. Although she majored in Telecommunication Systems, after completing her studies she felt the need to have a more “hands-on” experience in programming and plant automation. While working for Hulamin in 2007, she was seconded to a technology company in Germany, and was part of the company’s ZAR 960 million expansion project in 2009. She sees various channels, such as professional associations, and non-profit organizations as enablers for her to continue to contribute her technology expertise to the world.