Pria Chetty

As the Regional Director of Endcode, Pria manages a pan-African network of country associates and a core advisory team involved in technology law and policy. As the head of the Advisory practice, together with her regional and local team, Pria advises clients on the technology laws and policies in African countries as well as forecast developments and trends in this area. In particular, Pria works in the areas of data protection and privacy, electronic transactions, e-government, access to information, cyber security and intellectual property laws and regulations.

Pria career started in 2004 at Buys Inc. Attorneys where she worked as an IP, Internet and Media Law Attorney. After over 3 years she left the company and founded Chetty Law, a leading South African law firm established to provide legal services concerning technology, information economy and innovation activities. When in 2011 Chetty Law was acquired by PwC, Pria joined PwC as Associate Director, Technology and Innovation Law for 2 years. After that she has been ICT Law and Policy Consultant at International Telecommunication Union untill 2014 when she joined Endcode. 

Pria is a member of several regional and international expert groups and advisory boards, she was a speaker during technology conferences. She has also the writer of book chapters that examine emerging technology law and policy topics with particular emphasis on recommendations for developing countries.