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Reshmi Muringathuparambil

Reshmi is responsible for developing and managing the Alternative Service Delivery Unit at GreenCape, which aims to provide off-grid electrification to low income communities. This ground breaking work is set to provide services to 3600 households over 3 sites in it's first phase.

Reshmi also runs networking events and recently hosted GreenCape's first diversity themed event, an incredibly successful event titled "Energy: The Gender Imperative", gathering a diverse audience to discuss women in the energy sector.

Before working at GreenCape she worked on the Energy Security Game Changer Team at the Western Cape Provincial Government, Reshmi was tasked with mobilizing their Energy Efficiency programme within industrial sectors of the Western Cape. This entailed engaging with numerous companies within the CTFL, food and beverages and plastics industries in the Western Cape, and facilitating workshops with companies, energy services companies and other government organisations. She also assisted the Department of the Premier’s Delivery Support Unit with energy-related data analysis, and policy review and development. Before completing her postgraduate degrees in Sustainable Development, as an architecture graduate, Reshmi worked at a Green Building Consultancy where she ran lighting design simulations and did energy and daylight design modelling for various commercial buildings to qualify them for efficiency certifications for Green Star.