Rivonia Pillay

Rivonia Pillay is a water engineer who has dedicated her work towards improving the governance of water resources and equitable access of this precious resource for all people across South Africa. She is passionate about the UN Global Goals, particularly Goal 6: ensuring the provision of water and sanitation to all. In this regard, as a civil servant working for the Department of Water and Sanitation, she on the team directly responsible for the monitoring and reporting of the progress made towards this goal.

In addition to her career, Rivonia also plays an active role in her community. She is the Curator of the Global Shapers Community in Tshwane – a grassroots initiative borne out of the World Economic Forum for young people to engage in action, activism and dialogue within their local community. In this capacity she is a project lead on a campaign aimed at the holistic upgrade of water and sanitation facilities for a no-fee school of 1200 learners. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, she is spearheading an initiative within Tshwane to raise awareness around the rights and protection of LGBTQ+ people in her city and the country at large.

Education is also another cause she’s deeply passionate about. In addition to her work with the Global Shapers community, she is also involved with an organisation developing a South African centric online educational platform, Mila, to assist educators and students. The aim for this initiative is to create a youth that is knowledgeable and respectful about differences in South Africa and are active citizens.

Her hope is to facilitate a way for all young people to live to their full potential – be it through providing them with dignified access to water and sanitation services, education and the promotion of equal rights for all.