Shana Derman

Shana Derman, serial technology entrepreneur. Co-founder of Maxxor, IntelliCred and founder of Onyx Interweb. Passionate about women and girls in technology. Co-inventor of IntelliCred’s patented technology. Founder of Lean- In Johannesburg Chapter. Twenty years’ experience in ICT industry. Fifteen years as an entrepreneur. Selected as one of 10 female entrepreneurs to study technology entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA. Speaker at various events for brands including MTN, Oprah Magazine, Cosmo. She was one of the brand ambassadors for the Old Mutual Do Great Things campaign. Have pitched in business all over the world, China, Europe (Switzerland), India, USA. Her businesses (Maxxor) both took winner spots in the the SA Kickstart competition in 2005 and 2010. She founded the Annual Toy Drive where she raises baby goods and toys for various orphanages, and has been doing it for ten years now.