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Vanessa Sealy - Fisher

Vanessa has a Masters Degree in Chemistry. After working for several years in a technical consulting and project management role, she became a shareholder and director in a small consulting practice. She has developed this business into a group of companies operating in South Africa and Internationally which is acknowledged as a leader in its field. The group includes a technical training arm and an educational trust which seeks to suuport prviously disadvantaged individuals at all levels. The companies also actively promote skills developement by providing practical technical training for B.Tech students. In her own right, Vanessa is an instructor for an American organisation, NACE International, in the field of cathodic protection. In South Africa, she is an accredited assessor and moderator within the National Qqualification Framework in the field of corrosion protection. She is a past president of the Corrosion Institute of Southern Africa and a regular lecturer in their technical training courses. She was also the convener of two successful International Technical conferences, AfriCorr 2016 and AfriCorr 2018. As if this was not enough, she has been actively involved in the Johannesburg Ballet Company and has "mothered" the South African Climbing team on their recent tour to China.