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Yolandi Schoeman

Yolandi is an international recognised innovator and change leader in ecological engineering. She currently heads up the Ecological Engineering Research Institute and is the founder of various biotechnology companies such as Baopod and Baoberry. A Mail and Guardian 200 Young South African 2015 Alumnus, Brightest Young Minds Alumnus and chosen to represent South Africa in 2017 in the ALPS 8 (Austrian Leadership Program) in Austria. Yolandi is a Doctorate in Engineering (Civil) candidate and holds double Masters degrees.

She is the GCIP SA winner 2016 and also received the award as most promising women-led business in the GCIPSA competition 2016. As winner of GCIPSA 2016 she represented South Africa in Silicon Valley in 2017, USA, and was named runner up in the Global GCIP competition with her award winning "a wetland in a box" that was also the first commercial natural filter system of its kind introduced to the USA through the GCIP competition.

Yolandi has developed various ecological engineering and biotechnology innovations that addresses some of South Africa's most challenging environmental problems in a sustainable manner and also promotes sustainable living such as Aqueouspheres, BaoSphere, Awetbox, BaoWetlands,BaoScapes. She has also introduced Baopod where she promotes the sustainable harvesting and use of Southern Africa's indigenous flora by research and product development in the bioeconomy with brands such as "Baopod Classic", "Kine kids", "Baopod Nutraceuticals" and "BaoVine".She recently developed an alternative to textile and plastic by innovations in the fungi and bacteria space.

She is currently conducting research in biotechnology solutions to address some of the world's most pressing challenges, such as plastic contamination. Yolandi has her own Yolandi Schoeman show on Soundcloud with programmes "The Ecological Engineer" on the BaoCast where she promotes and spreads awareness in ecological engineering and biotechnology. She is also the anchor of the Biohacker show.