Zandile Keebine

After completing her BSc Hons degree in Computational and applied Mathematics from the University of Witwatersrand in 2012, Zandile joined the Johannesburg Centre of Engineering Coachlab program whilst working on her Master’s Degree. Here is where she found her love and passion for software development. In the past 5 years working in the ICT sector, she’s worked on delivering various projects that required her to identify appropriate and innovative solutions and designing software solutions for various clients in the public sector. It is in this role that she realized the vast gender inequality that exists within the ICT sector.

Zandile founded GirlCode in 2014 after witnessing the vast inequality experienced by many women and young girls trying to get into the tech space. What started off as a hackathon to get more girls excited about tech has grown into a national non-profit organization impacting hundreds of young girls through various initiatives such as monthly free coding sessions, the GirlCoder club a nationwide network of free, volunteer-led, weekend coding clubs designed for high school girls who want to have a strong foundation in digital literacy and basic programming skills and the GirlCode Digital literacy, which is a training initiative that provides women with no computer skills introductory course to basic computer and internet literacy.

Zandile with her team aims to grow GirlCode to become Africa’s leading Digital Hub for young girls and women who want to get into tech by providing them with various opportunities, where the beneficiaries are given direct access to women working in the various ICT companies to gain skills and be recruited by the top tech companies.