Zinhle Mpungose

Zinhle Mpungose is the Managing Director of Digi Change Guru, a People and Technology consultancy that offers a Human Centric approach to Digital Transformation. She is also the Group Executive Manager for Culture & Transformation at Transnet, where she’s responsible for shaping the culture that will enable Transnet to realise it Digital 4.0 Strategy.

Zinhle believes that people are the start and end to effective and sustainable change in any organisation. As such, she uses her experience in Human Resources, Marketing and Technology to support organisations navigate the digital future by equipping their employees to be resilient, leverage the power of technology, and to see disruption as opportunity to make a positive difference in the way the world works.

Zinhle has spent most of her career understanding organisational behaviour and facilitating innovative solutions that transform their way of being, policies and processes, which profoundly improved their operational effectiveness. Thus future-ready. Her expertise and experience emanate from working in major consulting firms, and across industries such as the Public Sector, Retail, Mining and Financial Services.

Her professional experience and exposure is a mix of innovation, strategy and people development, which is supported by a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management from the Heriot-Watt University. Zinhle is currently reading for a Doctor of Business Administration degree. She is also part of an initiative that has launched a Digital Coaching Platform that has been embraced by large corporate.

Zinhle is deeply passionate about women empowerment and actively advocates against Domestic Violence on radio and public platforms. Her goal is to empower women with the skills that they need to be bold, embrace transformation and realise their untapped potential, Zinhle does this through various mentoring programs that she offers to women. Her organisation is currently developing a digital platform to empower women in abusive relationships.